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Top 24 items to pack for your trip to Bali...

A trip to Bali, the tropical paradise, is a dream come true for many of us. Known for its vibrant culture, stunning landscapes, and warm, welcoming locals, Bali is a destination that charms everyone who visits. But, to maximise your enjoyment and minimise stress, it's essential to pack wisely. Here's a comprehensive list of things to consider packing for your Bali adventure. We would also suggest touching base with your accommodation prior to your travels as they should be able to advise what they do and don't include. For those staying with us at the Saudara Villas, we've marked below the items we include to help with your pre-packing list.

1. **Insect Repellent**: Being a tropical paradise, Bali is also home to mosquitos. Bring a high-quality insect repellent with a high level of DEET for maximum protection. It may be worth bringing a travel size spray or roll-on that you can take with you on day trips and for dinners out at night. Provided at the Saudara Villas

2. **Up-to-date Passport**: Ensure your passport is valid for at least six months beyond your arrival date in Bali. Passports need to also be in perfect condition with no damage, rips or tears. Airport staff are incredibly particular and should there be any damage, or not enough months remaining they will not let you get onto the plane.

3. **Travel Insurance Documentation**: Carry printed copies of your travel insurance and familiarise yourself with the policy, particularly what's covered and what's not. Even leave a copy back in your home country with a loved one incase your copy is stolen or damaged or if you will require the assistance of extra help.

4. **Reading Material**: Bali's scenic beaches are the perfect backdrop for some relaxed reading. Pack your favourite books or magazines. You may find Australian newspapers and magazines in Bali, but as they are imported in....they are very expensive. A subscription to an audio book platform could be a good option.

5. **Wine & Spirits**: If you plan on having a drink or two during your holiday, you'll need to plan your alcohol allocation carefully as each adult is allowed to bring in 1 litre of alcohol per person(wither duty-free or non duty-free) This can be of wine or spirits. Drinking spirits in Bali or any third world developing country can be incredibly dangerous as the manufacturing of spirits is NOT regulated and can in some cases lead to Methanol poisoning. Organisations like Cocoloco in Bali offer a service where they will come to your villa and make cocktails using your own duty-free spirits. Be mindful that if a venue is service 'cheap cocktails' there is a reason these are cheap. These are usually made from Arak which is a local vodka and can be very dangerous. It's hard to find good and affordable wine in Bali. Again, tax on alcohol imported is high and therefore what is considered a cheap bottle of wine back home, can end up having a luxury price tag in Bali. One wine brand in Bali that uses Barossa Valley Grapes with production in Bali(to eliminate import alcohol tax) is Two Island and one that we recommend.

Saudara Villas has a selection of Two Island wine, Smirnoff RTD drinks and Bintang Beer in each villa mini-bar

6. **Cheese**: If you're a cheese lover, pack your favourite cheese blocks in your check-in luggage. Also add some crackers, as good crackers can be good to come by. Cheese purchased in Bali are expensive as it's often imported. Saudara Villas offers Grazing Platters including a selection of imported cheese

7. **Small Gifts**: Consider packing small gifts for the locals you'll meet. They'll appreciate the kind gesture. They absolutely love anything that has come from your home country.

8. **Casual Clothing**: Pack lightweight, casual clothing for the generally laid-back Bali vibe. Pack one long sleeve jumper/windcheater as you'll likely need this for the plane ride to and from home. The plane ride can get a bit chilly especially if it's a late night flight home.

9. **Closed-toe shoes**: If you plan on hiking or walking sturdy shoes are a must as well as your rubber thongs. Many of the paths are un-even, so if you're planning any long walks, you'll appreciate the comfort of some runners.

10. **A Hat**: Protect your head and face from the intense midday sun in Bali.

11. **An Empty Suitcase**: This can be filled with souvenirs on your return journey. Even consider packing up some of your old clothes to being to Bali which can be donated to kids and families in need.

12. **First-Aid Kit**: A basic kit with bandages, Betadine/antibiotic ointment, and painkillers could come in handy.

Saudara Villas has a first air kit available for guests use

13. **Sunscreen**: High-quality sunblock is a must in Bali's sunny weather. The well known sunscreen brands found in Bali are imported from overseas and will start at about $20 a tube, so make sure you pack your own.

Saudara Villas offer sunscreen for guests use

14. **Tampons**: For ladies, pack your preferred brand of tampons as they are expensive and limited in Bali as local people do not use them. You'll be able to source pads, but Tampons are like hens teeth and can end up costing equivalent to $14 a box

15. **Hair Products**: If you're particular about hair care, pack your preferred products. You'll be able to find cheap shampoos and body products, but if you're wanting professional products they are very hard to find and very expensive if you do.

Saudara Villas offers a selection of essential oil hair and body products for your daily use.

16. **Skin Care**: Good quality skincare products can be hard to find in Bali, so it's best to pack your favorites.

17. **Umbrella**: Sudden rainstorms are common in Bali, so a small umbrella might prove useful. They rain often will come with absolutely no prior notice, but never usually lasts too long. Please be extra mindful if you're travelling in Wet Season. Although it will still be hot, you may be exposed to more rain between the months of November - February.

Saudara Villas have umbrellas available for guests to take out.

18. **International Driver's License**: If you plan to drive in Bali, you'll need an International driver’s license along with your home country's license. You must travel with an International Drivers licence if you plan on having your Australian licence recognised in Bali. This will validate your licence to drive a car and also a bike(but you must have a bike licence at home)

19. **Extra Prescription Medications**: If you take any prescription medications, be sure to pack extra doses. Although there are chemists in Bali, they may not have the exact medication that you require or have been prescribed.

20. **Power Board & Adapter**: These can be handy for charging multiple electronic devices.

Saudara Villas have these available

21. **Hand Sanitiser**: An essential item when immediate access to soap and clean water might not be guaranteed. It's a great idea to get into a routine of sanitising your hands quickly before eating any meals. Saudara Villas has this available

22. **Cash**: Keep some cash on hand for small purchases or tips. You'll need cash for taxi rides, market purchases and snacks and drinks or anything you buy on the beach. You will be able top use your credit card for shops, most western cafes and restaurants. I recommend RC Money Changers as my changer of choice which is located near our villas.

23. **Credit Card**: Make sure you notify your bank about your international travel to prevent card blockage once you have arrived. Also take note of the international phone number you may need to call if you have any issues with your card.

24. **Re-usable Water Bottles**: To reduce plastic waste and save a few dollars. Most villas will offer unlimited free drinking water via a water dispenser. Get into a habit of filling your bottle each day to take out with you. Bali is not a great country for good recycling programmes, so the more plastic we can reduce ourselves, the better.

What are your favourite other things to pack for a stress-free Bali trip?

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