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We know kids can be a handful, and sometimes going on holiday with your whole crew is kind of like taking the same routine to a less convenient location, but we believe even the most hands on parentals need a break every now and then! That’s why Saudara takes the needs of travelling families very seriously.

Safety First

We can hire from our partners, absolutely anything you need to make your holiday with your kids a smooth exercise. 

Pool Fencing

Is professionally installed by a reputable external hire company prior to your arrival for a fee of $25 AUD (250k IDR) per night of stay.



Baby cots also include a baby mattress, linen and mosquito net.

Baby cots are complimentary when included in guest numbers, otherwise $10 AUD (100k IDR) per night of stay for children over the maximum guest numbers.


Other Items

Bed rail / 20k IDR ($2 AUD) per night of stay

Stroller / 30k IDR ($3 AUD) per night of stay

High chairs /  20k IDR ($2 AUD) per night of stay

Baby Bath /  20k IDR ($2 AUD) per night of stay

Baby Bumbo style seat /  30k IDR ($3 AUD) per night of stay

Baby Monitor /  30k IDR ($3 AUD) per night of stay

Nanny/Babysitting Services

We want your holiday to be amazing for each and every member of your family. We love to encourage parents to head out for some quality one on one time. Of course, we get it, leaving your junior humans with someone you don’t know can be daunting, so that’s why our butlers work full time in the villa with you, so you can get to know and trust them over the course of your stay and be completely comfortable.

We are happy for you to leave the kids during the day whilst you make a quick trip for a local lunch or quick massage, but any duration longer than 1 hour will require us to arrange a dedicated babysitter to look after your little treasures.

If you require one of our Butlers/Babysitting team to assist you on a day trip, this is no problem. Standard babysitting charges will apply.


$7.50 (75k IDR) per hour per child or $10 AUD (100k IDR) for two children per hour. 


Generally for 3 children, we will require a second babysitter otherwise the hourly rate for three children(5 years or more) is $15 AUD (150k IDR) per hour


We have a selection of toys, pool toys and books at the villa for children to use throughout the duration of their stay. We also have some baby play activity mats.

We can organise the hire a Playstation for 50k($5 AUD) per day, but we suggest bringing your own games.



An activity that has proven really popular with our mini-guests is our Hindu Offering Experience. It's a great cultural activity for adults and kids to do together in conjunction with your villa Butler.

Checkout the full description on our Holiday Extras Page

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We've teamed up with our friends at My Big Adventure as we believe these are the greatest possible way to educate your kids in advance about the Bali experience they are about to have, all whilst keeping them deeply entertained on the plane, whilst out for dinner and during quiet time at the villa. 


Packed with 100+ pages of activities, fun facts about Bali, and interactive video content that will have your child speaking the local language in no time, this travel diary is a must-have for your Bali vacation!


USE CODE: SAUDARAVILLAS15 for 15% off the total of your Journals.

Bali - Junior Edition

For Kids in Kindergarten - Early Primary. Best Suited for Children Aged 3-6

Bali Senior Edition

For Kids in Grade 2 or Above. Best Suited for Children Aged 7-10

For more information, visit MY BIG ADVENTURE


Please check out our list of amazing extra holiday add-on experiences that includes further detail about this activity and others. Have a look at some of our blog posts that give some great ideas of what to do to keep the kids entertained in Bali.

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