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(updated as of April 5, 2023)


+ Accommodation for up to:

For up to twelve guests per three-bedroom villa in total including; adults, children and babies.

For up to eight guests per four-bedroom villa in total including; adults, children and babies.

For up to six guests per three-bedroom villa in total including; adults, children and babies.

For up to four guests per two-bedroom villa in total including; adults, children and babies.

For up to Two guests per three-bedroom villa in total including; adults, children and babies.

Management may in some circumstances allow for additional guests in each villa which will be charged at $40AUD per person per night. This fee will cover the hire cost of the bed, linen and all incidentals associated with the new guest. It covers their airport transfers if they arrive at the same time and depart at the same time as the rest of the party, otherwise, additional airport transfer fees will apply.


+ Daily Private Butler Service:

Six bedroom/four bedroom //three bedroom/two bedroom villas (8 hours per day with working hours generally 8 am - 4 pm including a one-hour staff lunch break).

One bedroom villa is offered a modified daily butler and concierge service of up to 2 hours of support per day

The service provided consists of Housekeeping, Cooking, Grocery Shopping and other ‘Reasonable’ tasks. Additional tasks can be discussed with Villa Owner or Guest Relations Manager.


Additional Butler hours (more than 8 consecutive hours, including a one-hour lunch break) will be charged at 80,000IDR($8AUD) per hour to the guest directly. Staff hours cannot be split and must be consecutive, ie 9 am-1 pm and 5 pm-9 pm. Therefore, if you require Breakfast and Dinner Service, overtime hours will apply as we will either need to pay our staff overtime or organize an additional staff shift.


+ Airport transfers

These are included for the maximum number of guests the villa will host in one car trip (additional charges will apply for increased guest numbers) Transfers include one pick-up per villa for the maximum number of guests allowed. Additional car trips are charged at 250,000IDR($25AUD) per additional car trip. Stays 3 nights or less will receive airport pick-up only for direct bookings. For bookings via third-party providers, transfers are only included for 5 nights or more stays.

+ Shopping/Grocery Service.

If there is anything food or groceries you would like in the villa for your stay, we can have all of these ready and waiting upon your arrival. Staff can also offer a grocery service throughout the stay. There is no additional cost for this service.

+Drinking Water

Safe and filtered drinking water is provided as an unlimited service. We have a large dispenser of water in the villa that is always refreshed and also provided in the bathrooms for teeth cleaning. 


+ WIFI, Satellite Television & Smart TV's

Wifi, Satellite & TV is offered in all our villas. Our TVs are SMART, meaning you can log in with your favourite subscription providers.

+ Bluetooth Speaker
A portable Bluetooth speaker is also provided in each villa. A charge of 1.5mil($150AUD) replacement fee will be charged to the guest if this speaker is lost or damaged throughout the duration of the stay


+ Mini Bar

A minibar operates in each villa and will be replenished daily. You may be asked to make your payments on an intermittent basis or at the end of your stay.

+ Safes

There is a safe provided in each villa for valuables. Please make sure that ALL valuables are securely locked away in the safe as we can not be responsible for any items that are not secured away.


+ Security
Depending on the location of the villa you are staying at, we have different security arrangements. Please refer to the individual listing to understand if this is included.

We can organise private security for your villa for a fee should you require it.



The cost of electricity, water, linen laundry cleaning and garden supplies, and local taxes are included in rental rates. There are generally no additional costs, surcharges, taxes & service charges, staff salaries, or management fees above the price indicated in the Booking Invoice unless otherwise stated in the Booking Invoice. All villa rental rate inclusions are noted on the Booking Invoice. Typically, telephone, meals, laundry and other provisioning costs will be the responsibility of the guest. The staff at the Property may accommodate any reasonable requests to purchase food and drinks on the guest’s behalf, and this will be charged to the guest.



Villas with Butler staff will require an advance payment for grocery shopping and beverages. The guest shall pay them directly or this will be added to the end-of-stay bill. This will be determined by the Guest Relations Manager. They will use this money to buy necessary ingredients and resources and will return to the guest the receipt and any change.



Gratuities for household staff are left entirely to the guest’s discretion.

Extra Transfers

One-way Airport transfer is included with the booking for up to the maximum number of booked guests. Additional guests will also be included with the airport transfer as long as it is the same pickup. Additional pick-ups are charged. Transfers include one pick-up per villa for the maximum number of guests allowed. Additional car trips are charged at 250,000IDR($25AUD) per additional car trip. Stays 3 nights or less will receive airport pick-up only


Additional Inclusions

(available for a fee in some villas can include. Not all extra services are available in all villas):

Daily Driver &  Day Tours Additional Airport Transfers Babysitting, Pool Fence Hire, Cot Hire, Stroller Hire, High Chair Hire, In-Villa massage, In-Villa Yoga, In-Villa Psychic/Tarot, In-Villa Cocktail making experience, Laundry Services, Food & Beverage Shopping Service (Cost of items only) Day Tours


For villas that offer a Butler service, any additional Butler hours that surpass the 8 hours per day will be charged at 80,000IDR per hour to the guest directly. This is to be paid to the Guest Relations Manager.



+ Invoicing

An initial deposit invoice will be issued once you have confirmed you would like the dates. This will be for 50% of the total amount of the booking. This must be paid within 8 hours (or by negotiation) to secure the booking. A copy of the payment must be required to ensure that bookings have been secured as some payment options can take a few days to clear.


In some cases, an immediate payment may be required where there is interest for the same dates by other parties. An email will be sent advising and you will have one hour to respond. If payment has not been received, the booking may be released to the other party.

Where an invoice expires(8 or fewer hours after being emailed) and you wish to have the invoice re-issued, there may be changes to the additional quote amounts.


+ Currency

All rates will be inclusive of all Tax and Service charges (Indonesian Tax, Australian GST and Employee Service Tax) Where rates are not published in multiple exchange rates, the rate will be advised in Australian dollars.


+ Deposits

50% deposit is required to secure the dates, with the final 50% due no less than 30 days before the first day of stay.

Under no circumstances are any stays secure without payment.

The payment of the deposit is accepted by the guest that they agree to the Terms and Conditions and that the owner guarantees the reservation.

These can be made via Bank Transfer to an Australian Commonwealth Bank Account(advised) or an Indonesian Commonwealth Bank Account. No charges will occur for a bank transfer. Guests may also opt for payment via Paypal or Stripe. In this case, a 3.5% surcharge will apply.

Deposits are non-refundable for any stays within the next 6 months.


+ Final Payments

The remaining amount (Total booking minus deposit) MUST be completed no less than 30 days before the first day of stay or by negotiation.

If complete payments are not made by 30 days before the first day of stay, the person who has made the booking may risk losing the booking and the deposit. If payments are not completed and another party wishes to book during this period, you risk losing your booking and deposit.

Credit card payments will be charged in Australian Dollars and are accepted via Paypal or Stripe, according to local regulations. Please note that actual amounts charged to your credit card in your home currency may differ from quoted amounts depending on your bank's internal exchange rates.

If the final payment is not made within at least 30 days then the guest may risk losing their booking and deposit. We will follow up a maximum of two times via email and then if this is still unpaid the booking will be cancelled.


+ Last-Minute Bookings

For Bookings (within 30 days) the whole booking amount must be paid to secure the booking. There is no flexibility with the change of these dates and under no circumstances are deposits refundable.


+ Change of Mind with Bookings

For bookings cancelled more than 6 calendar months in advance

For bookings cancelled with 6 months(calendar, ie arrival on June 1, must be cancelled before January 1) notice or more from the due date of arrival will receive their deposit back minus 10% administration fees(off the entire booking amount, not just deposit) and any other transaction fee that may have been applicable (ie Paypal fees, etc)

This fee covers the work hours that went into your booking and the new work hours required to re-fill the booking.


For bookings cancelled less than 6 months (180 before the exact date of arrival):

Deposits are non-refundable for cancellations of bookings with less than 6 month (calendar) period before arrival and no less than one month before arrival.

In a case where the guest has to cancel their travel plans anytime between 1 month and 6 months out from the due arrival date, then we will attempt to re-book these dates with a replacement booking.

If we can re-book the complete dates, we will offer a credit note for the amount paid by the guest, minus a 10% re-booking and Administration fee off the total of the whole booking amount.(This fee covers the work hours that went into your booking and the new work hours required to replace the booking) minus any discounts we needed to offer to ensure re-filling the dates. All nights cancelled by the guest must be re-booked by a new guest to receive a credit note minus fees. If partial dates are recovered, no refund will apply as the villa will be at a loss for a shorter booking than originally committed to.

For example, if a 7-night stay at $395AUD is cancelled. Should we be able to recover the complete dates with a new booking at the same dollar value, then the guest will receive a credit note. to the value of $395 AUD x 7 minus 10% = $2,488.50 AUD.


When redeeming a credit note:

No refunds will apply if travel is used in a lower travel season. If 7 nights were originally booked and credited, then 7 nights must be booked again at a minimum for the new stay. If the guest wishes for a lesser number of nights, no further credits or refund will apply as dates must be for one travel period only. If nightly rates increase during this period, then the guest will be liable for this on top of the credit note issued. If any discounts were applied to the original booking, these will not be carried forward to the new dates and the standard nightly rate for the period will apply.


For bookings cancelled less than 1 month (30 before the exact date of arrival):

Any cancellations less than 1 calendar month of the arrival date are deemed forfeited. No refunds will apply, and no credits will be issued.

If a guest has decided they no longer wish to travel any longer and does NOT make their final payment one calendar prior, then the booking is considered cancelled and NO credit for a future stay will be applicable. In the event of a 'no show' as well as any early departure, any payments made are non-refundable.

Final payments MUST be completed 30 days before arrival to secure your stay otherwise your dates may be cancelled.


We strongly advise you to obtain travel insurance to cover unforeseen medical or travel issues. If you need to make any claims on your travel insurance, we will provide all required receipts and paperwork to assist you with this process.

Change of dates

If a guest wishes to change their already booked dates, to another period, then the guest will be asked to pay the 50% deposit for the new dates. If and once we can re-cover the booking for the existing dates or part of the booking, then this payment will be transferred over to the new booking and will use towards the payment of the new booking final payment.



+ Minimum stays

We have a minimum stay policy that differs between our villas depending on size. Please refer to the individual listing to familiarise yourself with these.

+ Check-In/Check-Out Times

Check-in time is from 2 pm and check-out time is before noon.


+Late Checkouts

We can not offer late checkouts due to our turnaround times already being tight between checkout and check-in. Should you require a stay later than midday, then another night booking will be payable as this allows us to book out the calendar. 

For guests with late flights who checkout at midday, we can look after luggage in our office until no later than 5 PM when our office closes and our staff go home. 


+ Rental Rates

Rental rates vary according to the season and are subject to change without notice; the customer is advised to check the applicable rates on our website before making a booking.

+ Bookings via Travel Agent / Online Travel Agencies(ie, Air BNB, Agoda, etc)

Sometimes we engage with some companies on our behalf to take bookings at the Saudara Villas. If you do happen to book with an Agent/OTA, then you will need to keep in communication with them. We cannot impact any contract/arrangement you have with an Agent/OTA regarding a booking at the Saudara Villas. We can only communicate directly with bookings that are booked directly through our website channel.


+ Damages

The guest is responsible for any damage caused to the villa or its content during the stay, this includes damages caused by other people that the guest invites to the villa. You will be asked by the Villa Management to pay a replacement fee for the item damaged or missing. The Villa Manager will advise you of the cost at the time of your stay, or we may follow up with you after you have departed with these costs. It is expected that the guests/s will take care of the villa premises and furnishings/possessions. Where damage is caused by neglect or destructive behaviour, the guest will be liable to pay for the damage caused. This will be the cost of replacement or cost of repair.

In a case where the guest loses or misplaces the keys to the in-villa safes, a 1,000,000 IDR ($100AUD) will be charged as we will need to purchase a replacement Safe. We do not have spare keys for the safe.

For all other items, a replacement cost of the item will be discussed at the time of the damage taking place.


+ Theft/Missing Items

Please be advised that the villa owner or management is not responsible for any loss or damage to personal items, illness, injuries or accidents during your stay in our villa. Safes are provided in each villa to ensure the safety of precious and personal items.

Only Saudara staff will be allowed into the villa. They will be distinguished by a branded uniform. If we use any other contractors; ie pest control, air conditioning specialists etc, these people will be escorted into the villa by the Saudara staff. Do not ever allow anyone into the villa unless they are a friend of yours or known to you.

Please advise your Guest Relations Manager in the instance of a missing item and she will arrange for a police report to be taken

+ Passports and Visas

It is your responsibility to ensure that you have valid passports, visas and re-entry permits that meet the requirements of immigration and other government authorities for the Country and/or region you will be visiting. Any fines, penalties, payments or expenditures incurred as a result of such documents not meeting the requirements of those authorities will be your sole responsibility

All travellers must have a valid passport for international travel and must have an expiration date not less than 6 months before the arrival date. If you do not have this when you leave, the airline will not allow you to board the plane to Indonesia.

If guests fail to arrive at the villa on the designated date, no responsibility can be taken by the Villa due to negligence relating to invalid passport issues.

Delays in arrival for any reason or changes in travel schedules cannot be compensated by management.

+ Travel Insurance

All guests are advised to have travel insurance, for the unlikely event of any illness, accident, loss of personal items or other travel-related contingencies during their travel or stay in Bali.
We will not be responsible for the loss of any personal items throughout the duration of your stay. We provide safes and lockable living spaces and encourage these to be utilised at all times.

+ Number of Persons

The number of persons occupying a property must not exceed the maximum number stated in the property description unless by prior arrangement. The accommodation cannot be shared or sub-let and only the persons shown in the booking form are permitted to stay in the property. Persons under the age of 18 are not accepted as guests unless accompanied by parents or responsible adults. We reserve the right to refuse any booking. Failure to comply will render the booking void and no compensation will be paid.


In a case where you wish to have any outside guests not listed on the booking, this needs to be communicated to the Villa Manager prior so they can assess whether this is a possible option. Villa staff will not be expected to provide a service to extra guests. 

The booking holder will be responsible for the activity and behaviour of any other guests that are present in the villa at any time.



+ Indonesian Regulations


All guests must be aware that they are required to comply with local laws and regulations.

A copy of all passports are required at check-in for police registration, and only registered guests can stay in the villa.

No drugs or illegal activities are permitted on the premises or in Indonesia.

Any cost of dealing with police or other authorities is the responsibility of the guest.


The Saudara Villas wish to maintain a family atmosphere for the quiet enjoyment of all guests. It is Banjar's (local council) regulation that there must be no noise coming from the villa from 10 PM. This means we ask that noise that you start to minimise noise including music from 9 PM which may impact our neighbours, other Saudara guests or local residents. Banjar often will issue noise fines and the guest will be responsible for any necessary Owings and payments.


In a case where you are staying at the Saudara Beach Hut, you may be asked to leave by the overriding management group Mesari Beach Huts if their rules are not abided by. This may include excessive noise, disrespectful behaviour, etc. In a case where a guest is evicted, we will have no control over this and cannot be held responsible.

+Undesirable Behaviour

If in the reasonable opinion of the owner or Management, is that the guest or any member of his party behaves in such a way as to cause or be likely to cause danger, unlawful behaviour, upset or distress to any third party or damage to property, the Saudara Villas are entitled, without prior notice, to terminate the stay of the guest/guests concerned. In this situation, the guest concerned will be required to leave the accommodation immediately. The Saudara Villas will have no further responsibility toward the guest. No refunds will be granted and the Saudara Villas will not pay any expenses or costs incurred as a result of the termination.

The Saudara Villas rent to family groups and responsible adults only.

+Events and Parties

The villa is made available to guests for holiday accommodation purposes only.


Holding an event of any type is subject to management discretion, surrounding neighbourhood, and local authorities, and may incur various charges.

Depending on the neighbouring community, certain functions may not be allowed in certain villas. The area of Seminyak imposes a rule of no noise from the neighbouring area after 9 PM. If you wish to continue celebrations after 9 PM, then you will need to leave the premises and continue at a licensed venue.


The local Banjar(council) may impose fines on villa guests making excessive noise and causing a disturbance in the neighbourhood. The Saudara Villas is NOT responsible for the payment of any of these.

Fees may be required to acquire a license to hold the event from local authorities.

It is the sole responsibility of the guest to declare any event plans to management before booking so that clear communication can take place with the discussions of such event requests.

In some cases, an event fee will be charged by the Saudara Villas for extra ordinary events within the villa or other events including photoshoots, etc. This is to be discussed and negotiated on a case by case basis.

+Unforeseen Circumstances

No responsibility can be taken for the failure of machinery or equipment in the villa, but the management will aim to assist the customers in the best way possible and have any such problems rectified as quickly as possible. This includes services that depend on the performance of external providers such as electricity, cable TV and the Internet. We do not accept responsibility for any events that are outside the control of the management, such as fire and severe weather.

+ Substitution

In the unlikely event that the owner is unable to provide the guest with the Property booked by the guest, the Saudara Villas will inform the guest or its travel agent at the earliest possible date. We reserve the right to transfer the guest and their party to an alternative property of similar type and value, in consultation with the guest and the owner. If comparable accommodations are not available or acceptable to the guest, the owner will refund the guest all prorated rent and tax paid. This also applies in the case of circumstances where severe damage is caused to the villa and not at the cause of the guest, we will attempt to find comparable accommodation.


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