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A quick lesson in Indonesian before you even arrive, Saudara means 'sibling' or 'family', which is apt for our side-by-side duo of Villas, Saudara One and Two, as they’re actually identical twins, except that they argue less and we try not to dress them the same! We also have another two-bedroom villa and one-bedroom villa side by side and just around the corner off Eat Street; Saudara Sunshine and Saudara Love. Also related, but Sunshine is a bigger two-bedroom, whilst Saudara Love is a small apartment-style villa. The Saudara Beach Hut can be found located on Double Six Beach.

We believe we offer the best villas in Seminyak and service to match. Each of our villas are in the heart of Seminyak and ranges from a one-minute walk and a 15-minute walk to the beach, cafes and restaurants.


Saudara One and Saudara Two have three bedrooms and two bathrooms, as well as open dining and living areas for you to languish around in, drink in hand, wearing nothing but your swimmers and a smile! For families or groups of mates travelling together, we can offer Saudara Villas Combined; both Saudara One and Two will be all yours, 6 bedrooms allowing for 12 guests with an adjoining garden door so you can all hang out together or you can have your own space if someone has one too many drinks and needs to sleep it off!


Saudara Sunshine is our two-bedroom, two-bathroom villa(did we mention we have a beautiful terrazzo bath) and a living area that has the ability to be closed off to allow for an enclosed air-conditioned space. It is situated right on Eat Street and only 100m from our favourite coffee spot Revolver Coffee

Saudara Love has one beautiful bedroom comprising of a king bed and provides the ultimate luxurious comfort. The retreat offers a private Tropical Rooftop perfect for soaking up the Balinese sun, reading a book, sipping on a Bintang or practising some yoga. This apartment villa is situated right next door to Saudara Sunshine

And what would a Bali villa be without a private pool surrounded by lush tropical gardens? Each of our private villas has its own private pool. We offer your very own personal paradise, on the doorstep of the bustling hub of Seminyak.

For those wanting a beachfront experience in an Instagramable whitewash beach hut, then the Saudara Beach Hut is it! Positioned in a small group of 10 other individually owned huts with a shared pool right and onsite swim-up pool bar/cafe on Seminyak Beach and tucked behind La Plancha. This one-bedroom hut comftably sleeps two guests but can accommodate up to 4 guests when the lounge is used as an extra bedroom.

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