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Picture the luxury of a full-time butler to attend to your needs; next-level amazing, right?

Our two-bedroom, three-bedroom, four-bedroom and six-bedroom villas have a full-time, English-speaking Butler that will work exclusively with your group of guests; looking after the housekeeping and laundry, offering travel advice, booking day tours or restaurants, they’ll even braid your kid's hair if that’s what tickles your fancy! Their general working hours are 8 am - 4 pm (with an hour lunch break). Depending on your requirements, their start and finish times can be flexible. Therefore if you want breakfast prepared one morning, they can start earlier and if you require a banquet dinner on another evening....they will start a little later.  

​Our butlers will prepare meals at your request. We have a breakfast menu that you can choose from which includes favourites as well as an all-day snack menu to cover cravings across the day. We also offer a traditional six-course Indonesian banquet which they can prepare for you on an evening of your choice in our larger villas; Saudara OneSaudara Two and Saudara Sunshine. many of our guests tell us that the banquet dinner is the highlight of their stay with us. Our Butlers have exceptional cooking skills in particular for Indonesian delicacies and basic western fare.


​Our butler staff can offer babysitting after hours for an overtime fee, so the Parentals can finally get that much-needed kid-free dinner out without someone dropping a chicken nugget in their glass of water or needing to pee every five minutes! Each of our Butlers has their own kids at home, so are experienced in looking after children, giving you peace of mind to allow yourself a worry-free evening out (or, indeed, any time of day you choose). By the end of your stay, you’ll probably wish you could take the Saudara staff home with you, they really do become part of the family, and that’s so important to us here at the villas.


And let's not forget to mention, that you will have your own driver on-hand for any outings, or adventures you require. Have him take you oiut for a whole day of adventure or just have him drop you off at your favourite restaurant and pick you up after. Our team are on-hand to make all your transport needs seamless. Included with stays of 5 nights or more is return airport pick-up and drop-off, so you won't be needing to navigate taxis once you arrive or depart.

Saudara Love which is our one-bedroom private apartment villa offers daily housekeeping and concierge service making sure that your space is sparkling clean and that your beds are made each and every day. Now that's a holiday!

Additionally, each Saudara villa is overseen by our Guest Relations Manager, Wayan, whom you’ll have the pleasure of meeting on your arrival and will settle you into the best holiday of your life and is available whenever you need her!

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