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The "Bali Secret Spreader"

Updated: Feb 13

Oh Bali, you really do know how to capture hearts. Welcome to my first post!! People are always telling me…..”Anna you must start a blog on your secrets of Bali” I’m always spreading secrets to my nearest and dearest about what they should and should not do when in Bali. “Don’t use that ATM, its dodgy”, "How about go here for the best coffee”, "I've got the best $2 Nasi" and “Only take a taxi that says Blue Bird and not Blue Biro.”

On my latest trip, by brother and sister-in-law were travelling with me. They needed some Cold and Flu Tablets. I knew as we ventured into the chemist that we were about to get ripped off…..and I watched it unfold. The chemist will always try and sell you 'herbal potions' and remedies rather than actually selling you what you ask for(in this case it was Cold and Flu Tablets with Paracetamol). Surely enough, we were handed "Herbs to help your Flu"!HA! Have you even been into the Bali chemists with Bali Belly before and they send you out with the ginger tablets? I’ll go into this further in a specific post about chemists in Bali, but for now all you need to know is that chemist staff will always get kickbacks from herbal companies, therefore they will always try and push you the natural remedy. For years, I thought…..”Oh I’m in Bali, I’m sure the herbal remedy is the way to go" Ha, no! Well after many years of useless over the counter herbs, I realised what was going on.......

Anyway, my posts will be about sharing my Bali insights with you! I'll share my favourite places to eat and treat, and also share loads of feedback I have from guests about what they have loved and learnt whilst on their journey.

Oh, and I’m really not much of a writer, if anyone wants to contribute to a Bali post after their journey, I’d love you to be involved. Just get in touch

Anna xx

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