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Seminyak breakfast fit for a Queen(or King)!

Ok, here I go again! The Food in Bali is simply AMAZING!! As breakfast is my MOST favourite meal of the day, it’s only fair that I share with you my top 7 spots in Seminyak this very important daily starter!. Some you will be able to walk to from us at the Saudara Villas, and others may be a $2 taxi ride...if that!!

Start scheduling!!!

I can’t wait to hear your feedback on your favourites and in particular, let me know your top menu picks(and don’t forget the details!!!)


Anna xx

KYND (My favourite at the moment)

This place is probably in my top two at the moment. Due to their recent popularity they have had to move the café next door to the original premises for more dining space and I totally understand why! Everything is vegan and made with pure love and such creativity. These guys were the first café to utilise alphabet fruit to send messages of love to their customers which was a very clever move in an Instagram world!

The salad bowls are also amazing. They do an amazing selection of vegan desserts and cakes that must be tried and next door in the old café space, they have now introduced a Vegan Ice-cream Parlour!!

It’s all about ‘Being a KYND Human’ ......encouraging all of these customers to partake in ‘random acts of kindness’ by taking a free postcard and leaving a note for a stranger! The walls are all painted pink with cute affirmations and gorgeous artwork. There is a beautiful swing for some more great insta shots! Another reason why these guys have won me over is that they don’t charge extra for “non-milk” options as they don't serve cows milk. They make an incredible Coconut Milk flat white. If you’re looking for some bacon with your toast or a traditional milk latte….this place is not for you!

Address: Jalan Petitenget, No. 12, Petitenget, Seminyak


SISTERFIELDS (my second favourite at the moment)

Breakfast, lunch, and dinner everything you can think of. When you drive by Sisterfields you might see a huge line outside. Yep, they are very popular and for a good reason. Delicious, healthy food for breakfast and lunch, but also yummy dinner. Make sure you show up early. They are certainly not the cheapest breakfast option in Seminyak, but I am drawn back there by their general faultless food options! The frozen Acai Berry bowl is perfect as it’s such a cooling refreshing option for a humid day, whilst the dark rye bread they serve their smashed avocado on is delicious. (add a homemade potato cake for a little extra sustenance…filled with cheese its DELICIOUS!)

Address: JL. Kayu Cendana No.7 Seminyak



Healthy Breakfasts whilst feeling like you’re sitting in the Jungle top! Downstairs you will find the famous Nalu Bowls which is a takeaway Smoothie Bowl Bar for people on the go, whilst upstairs you are surrounded by a tropical jungle feel café with nutritious healthy food. Shelter have also recently added a new small homewares and trinkets store downstairs that you’ll pass upon entry. I eyed-off some cute cactus plants in handmade wooden pots which were so cute…..yet impossible to bring back to Australia unfortunately.

Shelter Cafe offers a great coffee, Smoothie Bowl or all the other traditional breakfast options usually seen in a western cafe. Tucked away in a beautiful bamboo structure on a side road of Seminyak in between Jalan Drupadi and and Raya. Downstairs you can sit at the Nalu Bowl Bar whilst the stairs through the new homewares shop will lead you to an open and cool café ambiance, designed with cosy corners and comfy places surrounded by tropical greenery.

A place that offers good coffee is a place that I will return to. I enjoyed their eggs, avocado, mushrooms and toast!

Address: Jl. Drupadi 1 No.2b, Seminyak,



I’m sure you’ve probably read it before….but yes this place seriously serves the best coffee in Bali. Revolver Café is located in a little sidewalk just off the main road “Oberoi “street and watch out very closely for the sign as if you don’t know it’s there, it can be very easy to miss. The breakfast offering is pretty good, but the coffee certainly is the lure in this instance.

Once you find it, I’m sure you’ll be back. Sit in for a coffee or have them make you some takeaways and then make you one of their clever takeaway holders! The coolest of the cool will be found here, shooting in with their scooter helmet in one hand and takeaway in the other. It’s a great place to sit and keep cool with its dim lit ambiance and shabby chic interior.

Address: Jl Kayu Aya, Gang 51, Seminyak



Mix a circus and a cup of coffee and you get Sea Circus. It’s a bright, fun, happy and vibrant café. Their breakfast is top notch, whilst their coffee is also pretty fab. The highlight of the coffee is receiving a small daily quote, similar to that of a fortune cookie alongside your small sweet biscuit that lays waiting on the teaspoon. The pesto eggs are a hot favourite followed by but the smoothie bowl served with granola, frozen dragon fruit, mango, banana and coconut water.

They also market well to the Bali party-goer with the “The Happy Hangover Meal”. It’s served with a Berocca and a neck massage if required –what a treat!!

Another gorgeously styled café perfect for taking the photos that will make everyone at home really jealous!

Address: No. 22 Jalan Kayu Aya, Seminyak

Seminyak, Website:


This cafe in Seminyak is located on the second level above the famous Bali Boat Shed clothing store (one of my favourite beachy fashion stores in the area). Fun, fluro and full of personality, the tropical wall art and outdoor funky look really makes it real that you’re on a tropical island! Not only does breakfast start at 8am…..but so does the cocktail menu!

They serve a delightful Mango and Pineapple Chia Jar is one of my faves, but it seems the most popular on their menu is their Berry Bowl with strawberries, granola and more! Their Smashed avo is pretty fancy, served on some seeds delicious bread, savoury halloumi, shaved ricotta, tomatoes and dukkah sprinkles! Yummo!

Address: Cnr of Jalan Kayu Aya & Jalan Kayu Jati, Seminyak



Smoothie Bowls seem to be all the rage….everywhere! And especially in Bali. Its very unusual you’ll come across a café that won’t serve one on the menu.

These guys do a smoothie bowl that challenged every colour of the rainbow They are so pretty that you’ll feel guilty digging your spoon into it. Each bowl is designed with fresh and healing ingredients oozing with tropical flare.

Don’t feel like following the trend? The breakfast menu at Clean Canteen is much more than just smoothie bowls! Other items to look out for are their ‘Egg and Smashed Avocado on organic German bread’ and Breakfast Veggie Wrap!


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