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Mexican affair in the heart of Seminyak

Motel Mexicola Seminyak

Known as one of the most vibrant hang-outs in Bali’s holiday capital Seminyak; Motel Mexicola has ramped up its mouth-watering delicacies making it one of ‘the’ places in town. Don’t just think party and tequila, think an exquisite fiesta of culinary Mexican delights, colourful culture and just good-times.

If you’re not one to share (and yes there are plenty of you out there that find this mildly challenging, preferring their own plate at the table that no-one else can touch), then this may take you a little more getting used to that the average amigo. Motel Mexicola is for the lovers of ‘compartin’ and in English what we would refer to as ‘the art of sharing’

Tapas = ‘the food of sharers’

Long Benches = ‘the seats of sharers’

Boozy Coconuts = ‘the drink of sharers’(best drunk with two straws and shared by the cute one to your right)

When it comes to the food at Mexicola, very few words will be spoken at the table. It’s all hand gestures, smiles of graciousness and busy mouths that will set the scene for the evening ahead. The ‘pork lover’ will be wrapped with the Carnitas. Essentially a zesty twist on the once traditional pork taco, but now smothered with orange juice, citrus zest, seasoned with a sharp vinegar, topped with a traditional Mexican chilli oil. For those that prefer their food from the sea, the Tostada de Cangejo with spanner crab in a house secret creamy sauce leaves your mouth wanting more! These guys even manage to make plain corn chip taste next level, so when you’re lucky enough to get some of the ‘shared’ guacamole from the table, you can only imagine the hand gestures taking place!

So up until now, you’ve completely and utterly embrace the art of sharing, WRONG. You’ll likely change your mind by the time dessert is brought out to your table. Any previous abilities to embrace ‘the share’ will absolute go right out the window! Imagine a warm chocolate mousse, smothered over a rich brownie like cake and then topped off with vanilla ice cream…Well all we can say from here onwards, are the rules of ‘Compartin’ no longer need apply.

The Feed Me Menu at 250k($25AUD) per person is absolutely the way to go! You wont be able to move afterwards!

Address: Jalan Kayu Jati No. 9X, Petitenget,

Phone: +62 361 736688

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