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ONE WORD: Coffee

Updated: Aug 28, 2020

Let’s get the most important part of any day sorted first....

First things are first. If you think you will come to Bali and pay peanuts for your coffee, then I’m afraid you’ll likely be shocked by the sight of the menu. It seems that one of our ‘basic needs’ as a human being to often function well on a daily basis is COFFEE….and because of this you’ll likely be paying home prices for your daily coffee. Whilst most other things are much cheaper on the island, coffee from a good coffee shop is not. Now we’ve got that out of the way, let me share with you my favourite spots to grab a great cuppa whilst in the Seminyak area. Oh and a quick tip, if you see the word “Kopi Luwak”, you’ll need to prepare yourselves that this translated means “Monkey Poop” I can’t say I have ever tried this before, and it's highly likely I NEVER EVER WILL, but if you’re adventurous, this will be an experience for you. A coffee bean that has been munched on by a monkey and then pooped out before it hits your cup….yummy….NOT!

Revolver Espresso Jalan Petitenget No.110, Kuta Utara

This is my number one. My go to. It’s consistently amazing and for me being a soy milk drinker, then really are the only café still using BonSoy, which is a big plus for me(Other soy drinkers will understand this)When Revolver opened their doors in 2011, it was really the first time that Bali had seen someone focussed on incredible coffee for holiday goers and the ex-pat community. The Sydney gal behind the concept is Katie Allan. What a legend she is. The best part about Revolver entering the Bali landscape is that they now sell their beans to a lot of other cafes, meaning that it is now easier than even to find some great coffee choices round the Seminyak region. Their breakfast is also a staple for my Bali visits and you must try the potato cake with your scrambled eggs in the morning.

Revolver Coffee!

Sea Circus

22 Jalan Kayu Aya [Oberoi Rd], Seminyak, Bali Another consistent and excellent coffee is brought to you by the Sea Circus Team. Coffee in this hot spot is like being at the circus. Loads of colour and fun and the best part is the little inspirational note that comes with even coffee alongside the delicious coconut biscuit morsel. The acai bowl and chilli eggs are two of my favourite menu listings! This is often a late night haunt for me to collect my coffee as I'm walking back home to the villa.

Sisterfields Jl. Kayu Cendana No.7, Seminyak, Bali

The Sisterfields team are part of the group that have also created 'Expat Roasters'. They roast their own beans to supply Sisterfields and their other food ventures, whilst selling takeaway coffees from the Ex-Pat window next door to the pumping Sisterfields icon. I bloody love Sisterfield for Breakfast, but it's not cheap. It’s a distinctly Australian cafe with the pricing to show. As I can fault their offerings, I continue to go as their breakfasts are absolutely the best in in town. I would still go a Revolver coffee and often will have my breakfast at Sisterfields and then wander over the road to get my coffee from Revs.

Acai Berry Bowl and Coffee from Sisterfields

Corner House Bali Jl. Laksmana No.10 A, Kerobokan, Seminyak, Bali

Apart from being Instagramable, The Corner House Bali serves coffee beans by Revolver and has the interior styling down pat. I can’t say these guys make my most favourite breakfast in Bali, but at least when you’re up the other end of Eat Street, you know you’ll get yourself a great coffee!

Corner House Seminyak

Kynd Community Jalan Raya Petitenget No12x, Petitenget,


Café Organic Jln. Petitenget 99x Seminyak Bali

Kynd Community

There has been an overwhelming surge in the opening of new organic/vegan trendy hot café spots. Two of my favourites that serve great coffee are Café Organic and Kynd Community Café. Kynd Community not only make a great coconut latte but make the most instagramable smoothie bowls you will ever see. Each bowl comes with an inspiring ‘kind word’ cut from mango! Just be mindful that ‘vegan’ means no cow’s milk, so if you were hoping for a skinny latte, this is not your place. Café Organic uses only local organic produce and even have their own gardens to farm their own organic produce and yes….. you’ll find yourself a skinny latte here.

Hit me up with your favourites if I’ve missed them as I am always looking for new favourites to add to my list! Anna x

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