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What are the current requirements for travel to Bali and what do I need to consider when booking?

{Current as of March 28, 2022}

For anyone looking to travel to Bali anytime soon, it's vital that you do your research in relation to government rules and regulations. As the traveller, its your responsibility and not the airline or accommodation provider. News is changing daily, so its best to make sure you're getting your updates from credible sources.

Below I have included some new regulations that are now mandatory when travelling, a list of new costs to factor into your travel and also the process once you arrive at the airport in Bali for your holiday.

Here are some great resources to keep an eye on;

Some added expenses you will need to consider when making travel plans to Bali:

+ You will be required to pay for a VOA(Visa on Arrival) on arrival which comes at a personal cost of $35USD per person which allows you up to 30 days stay in Indonesia.

+ You need to book your arrival night at a CHSE certified hotel where you will await your arrival PCR results. If you are clear, you’ll be able to leave the hotel and stay at your own accommodation from day two onwards.

+ You will be required to show a negative PCR no more than 48 hours prior to arrival in Indonesia. This is not a ‘free’ government test from your country, but a private one that will cost between $95-$145 and will provide you with paperwork.

+ You will require Travel Insurance that covers you for at least 25,000USD of Covid health related cover. Please make sure this cover also covers you for any accommodation related cancelations due to you getting covid and having to cancel your stay and accommodation related expenses if your flight is cancelled.

Please look deeply into the T’s and C’s of your travel insurance in particular relating to areas including:

1. Does my insurance cover airline and accommodation loss if I show ‘positive’ before my flight to Bali? 2. Does my insurance cover me for quarantine related expenses in either a quarantine hotel/hospital should I show a ‘positive’ test upon arrival?

3. Does my insurance cover booked accommodation loss should I be mandated to a government quarantine hotel/hospital?

4. Does my insurance cover me for accommodation loss should my airline cancel my flight completely or reschedules meaning I lose some booked nights?


  1. Valid visa or VOA(Visa On Arrival)

  2. Proof (physical or digital) of full vaccination for non-citizens.

  3. Negative PCR test result in English sample taken within 48 hrs of departure (including infants). Indonesia does NOT recognise documented recovery for any purpose, period. You MUST be fully vaccinated and you MUST have a negative PCR result.

  4. Confirmed 1 night booking at a CHSE hotel booked on ANY platform. (national certification) (national certification) has the full list of Bali CHSE certified hotels

  5. PeduliLindungi app installed on your mobile and eHAC completed.

  6. Travel Insurance. At least $25,000USD worth of health related insurance for Covid-19

  7. Completed customs form before you arrive at



1. Upon-arrival at Denpasar airport you will be tested.

2. You will need to purchase tests on arrival or they can be purchased here:

3. Complete the customs form before you arrive and follow instructions at the customs desk.

4 Once leaving airport, go directly to your CHSE hotel, wait in your room for your test results (2-4 hours). After you have negative results, you are free to leave the hotel and be a tourist.

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